Chewy Grinder

Why I designed an electric herb grinder

Did you every try fill a vaporizer in the wind or standing up?

In 2015, I was just off the back of designing the "lolite" the first portable gas powered Vaporizer and was beginning the design of the HipVap vaporizer a dual battery electric vaporizer and the Goboof Alfa Vaporizer. Obviously product testing is very important during the design process (the benefits of being in this market I guess) and in order to test a vaporizer you have to grind the herb that goes into it. 

I used the same grinding process I always used, a manual disk grinder. Yup, that handy process of putting a bud into a grinder twisting back and forth, knocking out on to a table, then picking off the table and putting it into what ever makes you happy. Leaving a nice mess as you go. Great craic altogether (I'm Irish craic means something different in Ireland, oh and I'm being typically sarcastic too hehe). Its a pain of a process and in lots of cases literally painful.

The Story: This one time at band camp :-) throw back, I was at a big music festival and I was trying to fill a  vaporizer with herb and of course I didn't have any pre ground stuff on me. So I found myself standing up in a windy field using a disk grinder while my friend held the device. I lost half to the wind tapping it onto my hand and the other half trying to pinch the herb and place in the small herb chamber. That was the light bulb moment. "Wouldn't it be great if I could grinder directly into the vaporizer with the press of a button". You know one of those ideas you get when your well at a concert ;-)

Boom! I got to work.  At the time I didn't realize all the other benefits that Chewy would have. I'll leave that for another blog post.

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