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Sorry Herb Gods but Chewy Grinder ain't giving you any

Sorry Herb Gods but Chewy Grinder ain't giving you any

I remember seeing a manual grinder for the first time when I was sixteen. It was a little wooden grinder with lots of pins inside, you know the ones. One of the lads got it when he went to Spain. At the time I thought it was a neat simple little invention. Before that we just used our finger nails. Sticky fingers didn't bother us back then.

I also remember seeing a Cell phone for the first time when I was sixteen too. Big block of a thing. The same lad bought one. He was the only one to have one so he must have been calling his Mammy lol. 

We all know to well the messiness of using manual grinders. We twist, we knock out on a table or tray, then pinch the herb to load or fill our chosen device leaving some precious herb behind for the herb gods. Its a pain and in some case literally.

Times have changed and phone tech has moved to unbelievable hights. Apple ipod and Iphone changed how we thought of phones. Now we can't live without them. They are so easy and convenient to use. Same with Vaporizers. So why not the same for humble grinder? 

Using Herb has now become mainstream and stylish. Its not tabu anymore. People want stylish devices to enhance their experience and make life that bit easier. We don't have to hide away and grind at home anymore, you can grind out and about now.

Here at Chewy Grinder we want to change peoples thinking towards grinding .We want to enhance the user experience with No mess No fuss grinding. 

Think about it, your in a club, pub, coffee shop. You need to fill your Vape or pipe. You take out your Chewy and fill in 5 seconds. Boom! done how easy was that?

You just get in from a stressful day at work. You want a quick vape or puff out the back. You grab your vape but it needs filling. Dame I need to manually grind my herb or use my fingers or scissors.  No wait! I just got a Chewy Grinder and there's already a bud in it from yesterday. Boom! vape filled in 5 seconds.

Chewy is a wonderful stylish little device that loads your chosen device with the push of a button in seconds, leaving no mess behind.

Sorry herb Gods.



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