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How did the Chewy design come about?

How did the Chewy design come about?

Following on from my first blog post when I got the idea in the first place, it was now time to start designing the best electronic grinder in the world. Where do you even begin?

Well you look at whats already out there. The disk/coin grinder has been about for a hundred years and has done its job well but they are messy, some find the twisting painful, they are hard to clean and they rip and tare the bud. Other electric grinders use the same tech as coffee grinders but they turn the herb to dust. Even thought disk grinders have their faults they still work but we had to start somewhere. So the first idea was to motorize the disk grinder and some how funnel the ground herb out of the teeth of the grinder. The first design ended up looking like a hand drill, one of those pencil shaped hand drills. It worked but it was big and you could only fit a small bud inside. You also still had to place the bud in and close together to lock it which was still quite difficult especially for people with poor hand strength. The ground material itself was ripped to shreds and turned into dust, not ideal. It was difficult to clean too, it was a disk grinder after all. A criteria started to form. The grinder had to be

  • Small,
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to use (no strength required)
  • Easy to clean
  • Fit at least 3g inside 
  • Produce a fluffy consistent grind at the touch of a button.
  • Electric

So how did I go from a disk grinder to Chewy? Well, sometimes things can be sitting right in front of you and it wouldn't even cross your mind. I was sitting at my desk trying to think of how I was going to make this work. And there it was sitting right in front of me, my stapler. I picked it up and started playing with it. The idea started to come together "that could work as a loading mechanism" I said to myself. I got to work straight away on Chewy 1's patented bud loading system. So if you ever had a look at Chewy you will notice the similarity to a stapler especially in the Chewy 1's design. 

I had the loading system, next I had to figure out how to electronically grind the bud and dispense it using the Chewy bud loading system.

To be continued!



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