Chewy Grinder


No mess no fuss. Grind with the touch of a button 

Deep Green Chewy 2  grinding weed into pipe.

Chewy Grinder 2 is the brainchild of a passionate team of Irish product designers who decided to revolutionize how we grind herb. Resulting in the most user friendly easy to use herb grinder.

Chewy portable electric herb grinder

Chewy 2 is Electric

Grind your herb with the touch of a button. 

Powered by a 9 volt battery with enough juice to grind three thousand bowls

chewy 2 grinding weed filling papers fast

Chewy 2 Is Portable

A sleek, compact, pocket-sized grinder that goes with you anywhere.

Chewy 2 Cool Grey electric herb grinder fitting into jean pocket

Easy To Use Grinder

Convenient, one handed loading with controlled high-efficiency, giving the perfect fluffy grind where you need it.

Grind What You Need

Grind the herb you need, store the rest. The compact storage space holds up to 3 grams of bud to keep you grinding on the move.

Deep Green Chewy 2 portable electric herb grinder with door open and filled with weed
Chewy protable electric herb grinder on beach filling pax vaporizer

Our Story

After successfully designing & engineering the first portable gas-powered vaporizer we notice the generally inefficient, messy, and cumbersome nature of the whole grinding process.  We thought that there had to be a better, more seamless way to grind - on the go, less steps and with ease. Alas, Chewy 2 was born.

Design Philosophy

Today, Chewy 2 is the world’s first truly portable electric weed grinder with an unparalleled reputation for performance, technology and innovation of design. Our design philosophy is simple: create an incomparable product that is truly portable, efficient, and effortless to use.

chewy protable electric herb grinder on coffee table with pax vaporizer

The Mission

With one hand, grind and dispense right into your chosen device with the touch of a button- No mess, no fuss. From the original Chewy 1.0, the design was perfected into what we now know as Chewy 2.0, with the same goal in mind - to give the perfect fluffy grind, keeping your tricons entact when you need it, where you need it.


Limited adition Cheech and cjong Chewy portable electronic weed grinder

Limited Edition Cheech & Chong Chewy 2

Deep Green Chewy Grinder 2 with laser etched logo of the comedy duo. 


Odor Proof Chewy Bag

Keep your herb in a dry environment, maximising the potency and grind of your herb.


Chube in field of weed plants


Smell Proof Container & Grinder. Odor Proof, Water Resistant, Indestructible 




The Chewy Automatic Grinder is easily the best portable grinder on the market.


Chewy 2 and the Chube are nothing like your typical grinder. Not only do they make busting down your bud more comfortable, but they’re also both extremely easy to use.